Ladom Ensemble combines piano, cello, accordion, and percussion in a unique blend of acoustic chamber and world music that is passionate, sophisticated, and wild. Ladom’s musical identity is combined from many sources and their all-original repertoire reflects a beautiful new world with a Western classical toolset, from Persian repertoire, to Bach and Piazzolla, to Radiohead.

“Elegant and contemplative… rocking and fiery!”

Errol Nazareth, CBC

Accordion player Michael Bridge hails from Alberta, cellist Beth Silver from Toronto, percussionist Adam Campbell from Prince Edward Island, and pianist Pouya Hamadi from Ontario by way of Tehran, Iran.The group met and formed in 2007 while studying music at the University of Toronto.  Pouya, the in-house composer, writes original music inspired by Persian and classical fusion for the group, and their influences also reach across cultures and genres.

Michael, who has been named as one of CBC’s 30 Hot Classical Musicians under 30, brings his whole heart and ballooning talent to the ensemble. Sock-foot on stage, Adam passes around a twinkle-in-the-eye during performances, and always brings the bottles… as part of his hand percussion toolkit! Beth starts spontaneous jams in between takes, with playful sounds that can only be called ‘fiddling around’ while Pouya has a deep love for music combined with a profound humbleness.

Ladom Ensemble has enthralled audiences across Canada, have been presented at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, and arts conferences including CAPACOA, OSAC, Ontario Contact, and Arts Northwest, and featured on CBC, Radio-Canada, the Whole-Note Magazine, and the BBC.

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